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A Curated Collection for the Inquisitive Mind

From witty British tech journalism to in-depth analysis of Silicon Valley’s intricate workings, this treasure trove of knowledge covers a wide range of topics. Immerse yourself in the fast-paced world of technology, explore the startup scene, and discover emerging tech tools and platforms that are shaping our future. As you venture through this collection, you’ll also uncover valuable insights on impactful careers, effective altruism, and the art of mentorship.

So, without further ado, embark on this journey and explore this curated collection of resources (and things.) Your quest for knowledge, entertainment, and enlightenment awaits!

Cautionary Aside: While quenching your thirst for knowledge is commendable, it’s wise to sip rather than gulp from the fountain of news. Remember, my fellow inquisitive minds, that a life well-lived benefits from a mindful balance between staying informed and basking in the blissful tranquility of information detox. So, explore these resources with prudent enthusiasm – discover the sweet spot between keeping abreast of news and granting yourself the gift of disconnection.


  1. The Register: Enjoy a uniquely British perspective on tech news, complete with clever commentary and a dash of humor. Link:
  2. The Information: Quality journalism comes at a price, but The Information is worth it. It’s like having your finger on the pulse of Silicon Valley, start-ups, venture capital, large tech companies, etc. The only comments section worth reading for its own sake. Link:
  3. Hacker News: While Sturgeon’s Law is fully in effect here, think of it as a treasure hunt. The occasional gems justify the dig through this aggregator. Curated news, trends, and discussions relating to technology and entrepreneurship. Link:
  4. TechCrunch: News, analysis, and interviews about emerging technology trends, startups, and venture capital. It’s a must-read for anyone in the tech industry. Link:
  5. Ars Technica: Authoritative tech news and analysis, with a side of pedantic commentary. I read it periodically, usually for specific articles. Link:
  6. Angellist Trends: Keep your eyes peeled for the next big thing in start-up land. Observing trends on Angellist is useful for staying ahead of the curve and identifying emerging tech tools and platforms popular in the startup world. Link:
  7. Github Trends: It’s hard to beat data-driven insights directly from the source. Stalk the codescape and stay current with trending languages and fast-growing projects. It’s a goldmine of valuable resources and expertise. Link:
  8. Rands Leadership Slack: This Slack community connects tech professionals interested in leadership, management, and career development. Learn how companies work, ask managers for advice, and hone your senior/staff/principal engineer strategy. Link:
  9. First Round Review: From the world of product management, First Round is a great resource for big-picture thinking. It has advice for startup founders, product managers, and other professionals. Link:
  10. Harvard Business Review (HBR): You don’t need an MBA to benefit from HBR. Bridge your business knowledge gap with HBR’s mix of articles, case studies, and research on various business topics. Link:
  11. MIT Technology Review: Delve into the future of tech and scientific breakthroughs (minus, alas, actual hoverboards). Covers tech breakthroughs and their potential consequences. Link:
  12. Product Hunt: Simply put, discover cool new tech products and startups before the rest of the world catches on. Another place for watching trends, and a source of nifty tools and software. Link:
  13. A16Z Podcast: Podcast by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz covering topics related to tech, startups, and business. Insights and perspectives from industry leaders. Link:
  14. Stratechery: Ben Thompson’s musings on business, strategy, and all things tech. It’s useful for understanding the strategic dynamics of the tech industry, media, and information. Link:
  15. Wired: Still cheesy, but still relevant somehow. When technology meets culture, politics, and society, you get Wired. Soak up the knowledge, marvel at the innovation, point and laugh at the bloviation. Link:
  16. Software developers unite! Share your knowledge, experiences, and ideas with like-minded nerds. Engage with other developers and see what they’re up to. Link:
  17. AI Alignment Podcast: Explore the ethical, safety, and policy aspects of artificial intelligence. Let’s make sure Skynet remains a fictional construct! Link:
  18. Protocol: Dissect the intersection of tech, politics, and people. Reporting and analysis valuable for understanding the intersection of technology, policy, and regulation, and how things work behind-the-scenes. Link:
  19. Daring Fireball: John Gruber’s take on Apple products and the technology landscape is like having a backstage pass to Cupertino. Insightful commentary and opinions on the broader technology landscape too. Link:
  20. Indie Hackers: Entrepreneurship is alive and well within this online community. Fellow developers and start-up enthusiasts share their experiences of building and growing businesses. Link:
  21. The Verge: A never-ending buffet of technology news and media that covers gadgets, software, and the future of technology. Captures the zeitgeist; reports on the latest tech trends and innovations. Link:
  22. 80,000 Hours: A nonprofit dedicated to helping you make high-impact career choices, and make a difference in the world. In-depth articles, podcasts, and career guides provide valuable insights into the most pressing global problems and the principles of effective altruism. Link:
  23. Tindie: Not a news source, but delightful nonetheless, Tindie is an online marketplace for independent creators selling unique, niche, and often quirky hardware products, kits, and components. Support indie creators and experiment with their creations to fuel your passion for technology and stay inspired. Link:


Age and SWE: The Absurdity of Ageism and the Power of Attitude

To be, or not to be, too ancient for the software development realm? The notion that one could be past their prime for this field is, quite frankly, laughable. Age is a mere collection of digits, while your attitude and approach are what genuinely matter.

Debates over the question, “Am I too old to be a software developer?” often miss the mark entirely. The true obstacle isn’t age; it’s the constricting mindset that ensnares people, spawning a self-fulfilling prophecy that stymies their growth and ability to remain relevant. As long as you maintain the proper attitude and approach, age should never be an obstacle.

Granted, age biases and prejudices persist in the tech landscape, but let’s not forget: you don’t age out of thrilling technology – you age when you abandon it. Negativity, rigidity, and resistance to fresh ideas can tarnish your perceived value. People gravitate toward positive, energized individuals, so as a seasoned software developer, it’s crucial to defy negative stereotypes. A friend confided in me, “At 61, I’m a software engineer, and I’m not a manager. So I have to radiate passion and enthusiasm, all while writing great code and doing excellent work.” Find and embrace the positive archetypes that resonate with you. Defy negative stereotypes associated with older developers, such as being out-of-touch, slow to adapt, or unwilling to learn new technologies, by demonstrating your continued passion, adaptability, and eagerness to grow.

Consider taking on the role of a mentor, for instance. Transform yourself into the go-to person for fledgling developers who seek wisdom and want to learn from your vast experience. Share your tricks and tips, and sharpen your writing and communication skills to convey complex technical concepts effectively. Emphasize ‘soft’ skills such as empathy, listening, understanding, and collaboration. Not only will these qualities make you a better mentor, but they’ll also elevate your capabilities as an engineer and technical leader. Focus on the ultimate measure of success: being a force multiplier, and improving those around you.

Ultimately, the control lies in your hands – or rather, your response to life’s challenges. Staying flexible and positive keeps you relevant. Continuously updating your skills ensures your value endures. The choice is yours: either dwell on your circumstances (despite your relative advantages) or embrace the challenge, remain humble, and serve as a beacon of knowledge and positivity.

The secret sauce to remaining pertinent in the tech industry? Your attitude. It influences how others perceive you and how you perceive yourself. Don’t allow age to dictate your success. Concentrate on the value you bring to the team, evolve and develop your skills, and maintain an optimistic outlook.

There’s no magical, one-size-fits-all solution. By staying receptive to new ideas, embracing change, honing your skills, and keeping up with the industry’s innovations, you can remain up-to-date, satisfied, and sought-after. Embrace new trends with open arms – resistance only holds you back.

Stay open-minded, relish the journey, and always remember: you are the architect of your destiny.